giovedì 28 agosto 2014

Leonid Kuchuk: "I want to say sorry to Lokomotiv fans".

Leonid Kuchuk in the post-game press-conference spoke about the match against Apollon (1-4).

 - How it was and how did you live game?
- I haven't explanations. Nothing happen casually. We wanted to win. Before the first goal we had great chances, but we didn't score. Apollon reached our area and score. We had a lot of opportunities, but we didn't realize them. Samedov didn't explain himself this.

When we suffered the second, we forgot the middle of the pitch and we run in attack, and so it was easily to suffer counterattacks. And this was what happened. 

I want to say sorry to Lokomotiv fans, it's awful doing the coach in these situations. Sad birthday. 

- Can we link this defeat with the poor level of Russian football? 
- It could be any sort of result. In our league there is an high level of resistance. But I don't want to compare them. It happened what happened. We lost and I, as I believe all other players, are unpleasant with this. A lot of training, a lot of effort - and all with no result.

Lokomotiv - Apollon 1-4.

Loko have started the match immediately in attack. The first chance of Leonid Kuchuk men is for Alan Kasaev, who after the pass of Manuel Fernandes didn't beat the goalkeeper. A few later Maicon had another chance, but in the end he slipped. 

At 15' Loko could score with Oumar Niasse, but the Senegalese striker hit the post

After this opportunity, the Cypriots started attacking, but no dangerous actions were created to Guilherme door.

Some minutes later,  Apollon scored after a counterattack and a fault of Aleksander Seraskhov: Rezek have beaten head Guilherme.

'Railroaders' tried to answer and with Dmitry Tarasov they created a great opportunity, but Bruno Vale made a beautiful save on Maicon. 

The second half has immediately opened by the 0-2: Sangoy got over Vedran Corluka fastly and permitted to Papoulis to score. Loko now had to score 3 goals.

Red-greens staff decided two changes: out Niasse and Fernandes, in Roman Pavlyuchenko and Aleksey Miranchuk

The attack was improved, but Pavlyuchenko didn't hit the door. 

In the pitch entered also Aleksander Samedov, who took the place of Kasaev. Loko pressed Apollon in their area, but the Cypriots found also the third goal with Thuram on another counterattack. 

Five minutes before the final whistle Lopez scored the fourth on Robert assist. 

A few later Lokomotiv found the 1-4 thanks to Pavlyuchenko and Aleksey Miranchuk. 'Railroaders' are eliminated from Europa League 2014/2015.

Lokomotiv - Apollon 1:4 (0:1) 

Goals: Rezek, 20 (0:1). Papoulis, 51 (0:2). Thuram 78 (0:3). Lopez, 83 (0:4). Pavlyuchenko, 85 (1:4). 

Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Shishkin, Corluka, Durica, Seraskhov, Pejcinovic, Tarasov, Kasaev (Samedov, 67), Fernandes (Miranchuk Aleksey, 53), Maicon, Niasse (Pavlyuchenko, 53).

Apollon: Bruno Vale, Merkis, Robert, Stylianou, João Paulo, Gullon (Charalambous, 88), Meriem (Thuram, 64), Hamdani, Sangoy, Rezek, Papoulis (Lopez, 80). 

Yellow cards: Durica, 17. Merkis, 38. Stylianou, 58. Gullon, 68. Shishkin, 69. Bruno Vale, 73.

Referee: Stefan Johannesson (SWE). 

August 28th. Moscow. Lokomotiv Stadium. 6.520 spectators.

mercoledì 27 agosto 2014

Preview Lokomotiv - Apollon.

Локомотив // АПОЛЛОН 
Thursday, August 27th 2014
(Lokomotiv Stadium, Moscow)
17.00 Lokomotiv Moscow Apollon Limassol
Referee: Stefan Johannesson (SWE).
Assistants: Fredrik Nilsson (SWE) and Mehmet Culum (SWE).
Fourth official: Mohammed Al-Hakim (SWE).
UEFA Referee Observer: Miroslav Liba (CZE).
UEFA Delegate: Velid Imamovic (BIH).
Blog Referee Observer: ? (?).

Apollon - Lokomotiv 1-1: 39' Kasaev, 80 Guié. 

AbsentsDenisov (disqualified), Logashov (injured), Yanbaev (injured), Tigorev (disqualified).
In doubt: Sheshukov (injured).

Lokomotiv: //.
Apollon: //.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: ?.
-Russia-2. Commentators: ?.


Apollon have already arrived in Moscow, where on Thursday will face Loko. The Cypriot club didn't fly with injured Guié, who scored the goal in the home match. Christakis Christoforou at the same time has again Gaston Sangoy, who is probably the best player in the team. 

In the last round of Cypriot Championship, Apollon lost 2-5 against AEK Larnaca. Goals were scored by Papoulis and Robert. Also Loko earned a defeat in Krasnodar.

Kuchuk will have some problems to resolve. First of all the absences of Tigorev and Denisov, who are disqualified. Probably Durica could be adapted as left back, with Pejcinovic in the first XI. The Belarusian midfielder, instead, could be substituted either from Mykhalyk, either from Fernandes. As usual, Kuchuk could choose the more defensive option.

Kasaev is living a very good time, while captain Guilherme couldn't miss such an important game. Tarasov hopes returning after his aches.

The match is going to start at 19.00 Moscow time and will be decisive for both teams to be qualified to Europa League groups. A defeat of 'Railroaders' could change a lot  the situation between club, players and coach.

Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin -  Corluka - Pejcinovic - Durica
Mykhalyk - Tarasov
Samedov - Fernandes - Kasaev
Apollon (4-2-3-1)
Bruno Vale
Mulder - Joao Paulo - Merkis - Vasiliou
Hamdani - Gullon
Papoulis - Meriem - Robert

martedì 26 agosto 2014

Belyaev was operated in Rome.

Lokomotiv defender Maksim Belyaev was operated on Monday in Roman clinic "Villa Stuart" after he has been diagnosed an ACL tear. 

The operation was completed successfully and for the recovery period, Maksim is going to return in Moscow. He will be out for about 6 months. 

lunedì 25 agosto 2014

Five Lokomotiv 'legionaries' to National teams.

Lokomotiv players Vedran CorlukaYan DuricaVitaliy DenisovYan Tigorev and Dame N'Doye have been called by their National teams for September matches. 

Croatian defender Corluka will take part to the friendly match against Cyprus (September 4th) and to the EURO 2016 qualifying match v Malta (September 9th), which will be played in Croatia.

Slovakia National team of Yan Durica will also face Malta (September 4th), but in a friendly match, and on September 9th qualifying match v Ukraine.

Vitaliy Denisov will take part to the preparation of Uzbekistan: he will play home against Jordan and New Zeland, September 3rd and 8th respectively.

Belarus, in which Tigorev plays, will have a home friendly match v Tajikistan (September 4th) and will play away for EURO 2016 qualifications against Luxembourg (September 8th).

Finally, Dame N'Doye with Senegal National team will start the qualifications to Africa Cup. On September 5th they will play home v Egypt, while on 10th they will play in Botswana. In this group play also TunisiaThe final stage will played in Morocco by the first two in each group, plus the best third.

Leonid Kuchuk: "We lacked freshness".

Leonid Kuchuk in the post-game press-conference after the match against Kuban' (2-1) spoke about the condition of the players influenced by the Europa League preliminary round v Apollon.

- The match in Europa League against Apollon has certainly influenced the preparation of players. In Cyprus, we finished the match with nine player, we spent a lot of fatigue, plus flights and the travel... Kuban' were a bit better than us, we lacked freshness. The match hadn't the chance to play fastly. The final result depended also by some inattentions during the attacks, - Kuchuk said.

domenica 24 agosto 2014

Kuban' Krasnodar - Lokomotiv 2-1.

Because the dense calendar of Lokomotiv, Leonid Kuchuk is forced constantly to a rotation. In this way, from the game in Kazan', there were five changes. 

For the first time in this season Ilya Abaev has substituted Guilherme. After the disqualify returned Vedran Corluka, out Nemanja PejcinovicIn the midfielder there were Taras Mykhalyk with Yan Tigorev, who took the place of Dmitry TarasovOn the left there was Alan Kasaev and not Maicon. As striker, finally, Dame N'Doye substituted Roman Pavlyuchenko

Although Loko started the match quite good, being the most of the time in attack, the first kick is for Kuban' with Popov, who dribbled Jan Durica, but Abaev was accurate. 

Loko answered on the left with Aleksander Samedov, who made a great cross for numer "59" Aleksey Miranchuk, who send the ball in Belenov hands.

A few minutes later, Loko were dangerous again: Samedov passed the ball to Roman Shishkin, who crossed on the other hand for Vitaliy DenisovUnfortunately, the kick of right back hit the external of the net.

After a little break, Kuban' had a good chance, which was transformed in goal. Popov broke through the midfield, passed the ball to Melgarejo, who scored. 

The protagonist of the next opportunity is Aleksey Miranchuk. He received the ball from N'Doye, dribbled three defenders but didn't reach to beat Belenov.

Soon N'Doye made another assist, but the kick of Kasaev is good taken by Belenov. 

Five minutes before the finish of the first time, Kuban' earned a corner and reached to score again thanks to Sunjic. 

In the second half entered Manuel Fernandes, who substituted Mykhalyk.

Thanks to him 'Railroaders' started playing more offensive, but no one reached to create great chances.

Kuchuk tried also Maicon, who took the place of Samedov. 

In one of the fast attack, Loko earned a penalty thanks to Maicon. From the 11 metres, Fernandes scored.

Although on the 2-1 Leonid Kuchuk send on the pitch also Pavlyuchenko, out Aleksey Miranchuk, the most interesting action before the final whistle was the red card to Oliseh, who had an argument with Corluka. 

'Railroaders' tried until the end to draw, but Corluka missed also a goal on empty net. 

Loko lost the first game of the season and permitted to Kuban' get over in the ranking. 

Kuban' - Lokomotiv 2:1 (2:0)

Goals: Melgarejo, 26 (1:0). Sunjic, 40 (2:0). Fernandes - penalty, 76 (2:1). 

Kuban: Belenov, Xandao, Sunjic, Melgarejo (Khubulov, 78), Eshchenko, Bugaev, Rabiu, Ignatjev (Kulik, 65), Oliseh, Popov (Bucur, 90), Kaboré. 

Lokomotiv: Abaev, Corluka, Mykhalyk (Fernandes, 46), Durica, Denisov, Shishkin, Kasaev, Samedov (Maicon, 70), Tigorev, Aleksey Miranchuk (Pavlyuchenko, 78), N'Doye. 

Yellow cards: Rabiu, 54. Oliseh, 63. Xandao, 76. Popov, 81. Khubulov, 90. Corluka, 90. Belenov, 90. 

Red cards: Oliseh, 90. 

August 24th. Krasnodar. Kuban' Stadium.

sabato 23 agosto 2014

Preview Kuban' Krasnodar - Lokomotiv.

КУБАНЬ // Локомотив
Sunday, August 24th 2014
(Kuban' Stadium, Krasnodar')
17.30 Kuban' Krasnodar - Lokomotiv Moscow
Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (Saint Petersburg).
Assistants: Nikolay Golubev (Saint Petersburg) and Igor' Demeshko (Khimki).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Inspector: Yuriy Baskakov (Moscow).

Lokomotiv - Kuban' 3-0: 15' Khokhlov, 42' Sychev, 45' Loskov. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 2-1: 15' Ricardo Lago, 62' Ricardo Lago; 67' Khokhlov. 2007
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - 
Kuban' 2-3: 25' Sychev (rig.), 76' Dramane Traore; 39' Petkov, 66' Ushenin, 79' Ushenin. 2009
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-0: 90' Dramani. 
Lokomotiv - 
Kuban' 4-1: 69' Sychev, 71' Odemwingie, 73' Cocis, 87' Wagner; 62' Tlisov.
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 2-1: 6' Maicon, 62' Ibricic; 83' Lacina Traore. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-1: 36' Caicedo.
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-1: 74' Pizzelli; 62' Pavlyuchenko. 
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 0-1: 71' Bucur. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 1-0: 49' Tarasov. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-3: 5' Maicon, 14' Corluka, 31' Boussoufa, 90' Cissè.

AbsentsLogashov (injured), Yanbaev (injured).
In doubt: Sheshukov (injured).

Kuban' Krasnodar: 6.
Lokomotiv: 7.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Aleksey Andronov.


After the away game against Apollon, Loko are waited for another transfer: in Krasnodar 'Railroaders' will face Kuban'.

Both red-greens and yellow-greens have 8 points. Kuban' won against Ufa and Amkar, and drew v Rostov and Mordoviya. 3 goal have been scored by Popov, who is probably the most representative player. 

After the disqualify, coach Goncharenko will have again Danilo, who missed the match v Mordoviya. Melgarejo, instead, who missed the first part of the season, has already returned playing last week. Eshchenko and Ignatjev, both on the right, will be the only two former players of the game.

Kuchuk, who challenge his compatriot Goncharenko, arrives from a difficult match in Cyprus. Corluka returns after the game at Kazan' Arena, while Yanbaev is still out. The Belarusian coach probably will make a sort of turnover, especially in sight of the return match of Europa League. Aleksey Miranchuk is a secure presence in Krasnodar, while Maicon and Tkachyov could give some rest to Kasaev and Samedov. Pavlyuchenko, instead, must still store his first goal in this RPL.
Kuban' Krasnodar (4-2-3-1)
Eshchenko Xandao - Sunjic - Bugaev
Kulik - Kaboré
Ignatjev - Popov - Melgarejo
Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Shishkin -  Corluka - Durica - Denisov
Tigorev - Tarasov
Tkachyov - Aleksey Miranchuk - Maicon