lunedì 24 novembre 2014

Miodrag Bozovic: "If we want to be in high positions, we have to win these games".

Miodrag Bozovic in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Ufa (0-0), complaining with the psychological fatigue of players.

- Today, we didn't play always - said Bozovic. - In the first 15 minutes we played wrongly, without having the opportunity to attack our opponent. Then, we played a bit better, but we would have to score. We have played against Ufa for the second time in a month, beating a team twice is double more difficult. I can say that we got a point today. 

Why we were slow? I think that everyone were tired due the break of National Teams. Today the pitch and the weather were excellent for a game. If we want to be in high positions, we have to win these games. And it's better to win all the matches than a single derby.

Lokomotiv - Ufa 0-0.

Compared to the match against Torpedo, there were two changes. Dame N'Doye returned from Senegal at the weekend and so Miodrag Bozovic gave an opportunity to his compatriot Oumar NiasseFurthermore, Aleksander Sheshukov substituted Taras Mykhalyk in the midfield

Lokomotiv started attacking on the left with Alan Kasaev, but in the end he was stopped. 

Later, always on the left, Niasse passed the ball in the center of the area to Mbark Boussoufa, who launched Aleksander Samedov: the defense of Ufa was able to stop also this opportunity. 

In the next chance Vedran Corluka was close to the goal: the Croatian defender brushed the post with an head. Ufa answered quickly with Marcinho: the shot of Brazilian wasn't accurate. 

Before the break, Loko created some dangerous chances. Yurchenko took with the hands a pass of Paurevic, giving a free kick to 'Railroaders'. On the ball there were Boussoufa and Samedov: in the end the defenders blocked them. A minute before the break, Kasaev entered in the area, where Sukhov threw down him, Nizovtsev didn't whistle the foul. 

After 15 minutes in the second half, Loko created a chance with Niasse. The Senegalese dribbled two defenders and kicked: Yurchenko was careful.

Ufa was protagonist with Paurevic: but the shot of the Croatian wasn't accurate. 

Loko played the final ten minutes of the game in ten men. 'Railroaders' had another free kick, but they didn't take advantage from it. Ufa so had a counterattack with Handzic, who was threw down by Vitaliy Denisov before he would arrived in front of Ilya Abaev. 

Although the numerical advantage, Ufa didn't score and in Cherkizovo the game finished 0:0.

Lokomotiv - Ufa 0:0 

Lokomotiv: Abaev, Yanbaev, Corluka, Durica, Denisov, Sheshukov, Fernandes, Samedov (Maicon, 72), Boussoufa (Pavlyuchenko, 78), Kasaev, Niasse (N'Doye, 64). 

Ufa: Yurchenko, Tishkin, Paurevic, Tumasyan, Sukhov, Zaseev, Semakin, Marcinho (Kilin, 90), Frimpong (Diego Carlos, 84), Galiulin (Safronidi, 76), Handzic.

Yellow cards: Marcinho, 37. Yurchenko, 38. Galiulin, 45. Semakin, 77. Kasaev, 86.

Red cards: Denisov, 81.

Referee: Igor Nizovtsev (Nizhny Novgorod). 

November 24th. Moscow. Lokomotiv Stadium. 4.714 spectators.

domenica 23 novembre 2014

Preview Lokomotiv - Ufa.

Локомотив // УФА
Monday, November 24th 2014
(Lokomotiv Stadium, Moscow)
17.00 Lokomotiv Moscow FK Ufa 
Referee: Igor' Nizovtsev (Nizhny Novgorod).
Assistants: Aleksey Lebedev (Saint Petersburg) and Pavel Kulalaev (Volzhsky).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Delegate: Ildar Zaripov (Saint Petersburg).
Inspector: Sergey Frantsuzov (Moscow).

No precedents in RPL.

AbsentsBelyaev (injured), Tarasov (injured).
In doubt: //

Lokomotiv: 7.
Ufa: 11.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Georgij Cherdantsev.


The break of National Teams is finished and now Lokomotiv is waited from another hard game later the hot derby against Torpedo. Ufa will arrive in Cherkizovo after the draw v Rostov wanting at least one point, which could be very useful for them. 

About Ufa, we have already spoken about them before the game in Kubok Rossii, HERE. That match was very difficult for both teams and a goal of Boussoufa and a careful Guilherme permitted to Bozovic's XI to pass the turn. Due the stab fog we couldn't analyze the game at Dynamo Stadium and so Bozovic must reinvent his tactics.

Ufa is a team that don't renounce to attack and this could be a problem Lokomotiv, which wants to impose itself. The star of the team is Marcinho, but also Diego and former Arsenal player Frimpong are good elements. As striker, Bosnian Handzic became an interesting alternative. The only former Loko is goalkeeper David Yurchenko, who played in the reserves about 10 years ago. The coach is Kolyvanov and thanks to him, Ufa has the right experience to face RPL. Certainly, they arrive in Moscow to get a victory and in this season they have already won away against Krasnodar and Mordoviya, both two good teams.

Loko wants the 8th positive result in a row. N'Doye is arrived only on Saturday from Senegal, while Pavlyuchenko trained individually during the week. Logashov and Tigorev, instead, returned with the main team. Belyaev is still recovering from the surgery and he will return in 2015. Bozovic should confirm the usual Lokomotiv of last matches. The only change could be Niasse. Kasaev is the favorite on Maicon due the limit. 

Lokomotiv (4-1-4-1)
Yanbaev - Corluka - Durica - Denisov
Samedov - Boussoufa - Fernandes - Kasaev
Ufa (4-2-3-1)
Tishkin - Tumasyan - Alikin - Sukhov 
Zaseev - Paurevic
Marcinho - Frimpong - Galiulin

venerdì 21 novembre 2014

Loko 1997 in the semifinal of RFS Cup.

Lokomotiv Academy team born in 1997 completed the first round of RFS Cup between youth teams of RPL and FNL clubs, which was played in Sochi. 

The young "Railroaders" under the lead of Nikolaj Ulyanov got 10 points in five games and arrived second in the group. Dinamo arrived first for only one point. 

Now, in semifinal in program on Saturday 22nd November, red-greens will face Rubin.

Aleksey Miranchuk nominated for the "First Five".

Lokomotiv midfielder Aleksey Miranchuk is one of the candidates for the annual prize "First Five", which is given by Football Children League and Sport Club 'Lukoil' to the best young of the year in RPL. 

Beyond Aleksey, have been nominated Denis Davydov (Spartak), Dmitry Efremov (CSKA), Elmir Nabiullin (Rubin) and Alexander Troshechkin (Rostov). 

Miranchuk has been nominated for the second year in a row. Last year the votes of managers, coaches, representatives of RFS, football veterans and journalists permitted Aleksey to get the second place. 

lunedì 17 novembre 2014

A Lokomotiv fan in Belarus.

Lokomotiv is a team with fans from all over the world and today "Lokomotiv Moscow Blog" carry you in Belarus, where Evgenij supports "Railroaders" since 2001!

- Hi, Evgenij. Welcome to the Italian fan club of Loko.
"Hi Italy! This is my first interview, so I hope my answers won't be boring. Let's start!"

- Tell us how you have became a Lokomotiv fan.
"Oh, everything started in 2001, just a year before Loko won for the first time the title. I was seven years old and I didn't understand so much about football, so I started zapping on TV and I found casually on NTV the match Lokomotiv - CSKA 3:2, if I remember rightly it was on September 15th 2001. I run towards my father (a Spartak fan) screaming that Lokomotiv won, he answered that Spartak needed a CSKA defeat and so I said not to win. Then I continued supporting Lokomotiv so much that I started the Railways school to become a machinist. Later I made also two tattoos, the former "Only Loko, only victory!", the latter on the hearth with the emblem of our club. Nowadays I continued supporting our dear Lokomotiv. "

- Compare current Lokomotiv with the 2004 one. What are the greatest differences in your opinion?
"This is an interesting answer to reply. That season started with the departure of Sergey Ignashevich and the arrive of Dmitry Sychyov, former forward of French Marseille. When Lokomotiv won the title in 2004 I was a little boy of about eleven years old. Despite this, I remember very well when Loko won against Shinnik thanks to the goals of Bilyaletdinov and Sychyov. There was another guide in the society and I don't like to speak about this. Under Syomin there was another team, which played in the main rounds of Champions League and twice was qualified in the next turn. In 2014, unfortunately, we were eliminated by Cypriots and missed the qualification in the groups of Europa League. I remember players such as Izmaylov, Sychyov, Bilyaletdinov, Loskov and nowadays there aren't some like them. In 2005, after nineteen years (for the first time since 1991), Lokomotiv changed the coach and Yuriy Syomin left the club. Instead of him, the society nominated Vladimir Estrekhov, who arrived third in RPL and qualified Loko in the play-off round of UEFA Cup. After this, in Loko started a history in the history, a lot of coaches in fact arrived at Cherkizovo. Of course, it's impossible to return to the old Lokomotiv, the time goes by, but we have to work with what we have after the elimination in Europa League 'cause Apollon and the two defeats in RPL against Kuban' and Zenit. After these games, Kuchuk was sacked, who left the team next the draw v Mordoviya. In this moment we have Miodrag, let's see how it'll be under him! I can' say the differences between now and eleven years ago, but we have to fight and win! The time goes by and we have to support and believe in the team, this team, however it's different from our old and dear Lokomotiv."

- Are there a lot of Lokomotiv fans in Belarus?
"Sincerely, I don't know many of them. Maybe there are some fans that only follow and support a bit Loko. There aren't too much mad fans."

- Have you ever been at Cherkizovo watching a Lokomotiv game? Describe your first experience at Lokomotiv Stadium. 
"If I'm not wrong, it's Lokomotiv - Rubin 0:0 in 2010. It was difficult to find the tickets because I had to search in social networks a person that could buy the ticket for me and then I could give back the money. I found a boy and I met and thanked him for the pleasure out of the stadium. I was for the first time in the Youth Sector and of course I can't forget that wonderful atmosphere. It's really different being sit down in front of television and stand up chanting in the stands. I can't describe it with the words, it's a completely different world. Unfortunately the match finished 0:0 and so I din't watch any goal. I remember that atmosphere for ever in my life. I'm not living in Moscow, but I hope that I will watch more games in our stadium.

- Who are your three favorite players in Loko in this moment? Why?
"Dame N'Doye, good forward and good scoring; Aleksander Samedov, fast player who plays well on the wings and makes assist; Manuel Fernandes, we bought a really technical player. I like also Maicon, but this would be the fourth. I like his dribbling and speedy."

- In which position, in your opinion, will Lokomotiv finish in this RPL?
"Interesting answer, of course every red-green fan wants that the club would be first! Unfortunately, we have to see concretely the situation and in which position under Miodrag Bozovic we'll finish the first round. Let's hope that we'll fight until the end. I think that we can fight for the first three positions, we need at least the second or the third place. We have to support the team, hoping that Zenit will lose some points, especially after their problems in this moment."

- If you have the possibility to leave a message to all Lokomotiv fans all over the world that read this blog, what would you like to say?
"Support your dear Loko, as in the victory as in the defeat. Good luck and love Lokomotiv, after all it's the best team worldwide! "

- Thanks a lot for this interview. We are very pleased that you answered to our questions. Bye for now and... vperyod Loko!
"Only 'vperyod' and never 'nazad'! "

domenica 16 novembre 2014

Manuel Fernandes has been awarded as Lokomotiv's best player on October.

The Lokomotiv's Museum, which is in the North stand of Lokomotiv Stadium, hosted this Sunday morning about 100 red-greens fans, who participated to the award ceremony of midfielder Manuel Fernandes as best player on October. 

In the poll, Fernandes got the highest number of votes before Mbark BoussoufaTaras MykhalykAleksander Samedov and Roman PavlyuchenkoThe Portuguese received the prize by the hands of Andrey Dolgov, who won the contest in official VK page of the club. Andrey wanted that midfielder will score more beautiful goals in Loko. 

- For the first time I have been in the museum of the club - admitted Fernandes in a interview for the official site, - and I must say that I was shocked. I know when the club was founded and a lot of players of the past. If we speak about the recent past, I name Dmitry Loskov - he played in my same position for a long time and was also the captain. 

I'm very happy that I was awarded as best player of the month, but instead of me there could have been one of my partners. I'd like to share this prize with all the team, because I think that the overall result is more important than the individual awards. 

As tradition, at the end of the ceremony the player was photographed with all the fans, taking also an autographs session. 

venerdì 14 novembre 2014

Andrey Bodrov is the new press officer of Lokomotiv.

As new press officer, Lokomotiv has nominated Andrey Bodrov

Andrey has worked for a long time in the daily journal "Sovetskij Sport". Recently he has directed the department of football.

Welcome and good luck in Loko!