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Igor Cherevchenko: "We understood it was our last match at home".

Черевченко: Понимали, что это последняя игра дома

Igor Cherevchenko in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Kuban' (1:1).

- The game was boring today, without motions. We started creating chances only in the second half. The guys understood it was our last match at home, many fans came. They did a good job, especially because being in minority. 

The red card to Niasse? It seemed that Sunjic's elbow hit him. However, Baye Oumar had to calm down and not to answer, it was a provocation. Despite missing the game against Zenit, he will fly with us to Saint Petersburg. 

- Why did Boussoufa and Pavlyuchenko miss the match?

- Pavlyuchenko got a small injury during the final minutes in Astrakhan, but he will be ready against Zenit. Boussoufa, instead, has been injured for a long time. He was worried he couldn't help the team today. His presence in Saint Petersburg is in doubt. 

Lokomotiv - Kuban' 1:1.

"Locomotiva" periodo di divieto casa

In the week 28 of Russian Premier League, Lokomotiv hosted Kuban' in the last home match of the season. 

During the evening, a lot of fans came to Cherkizovo earlier to see the Cup, which was exposed out of the Stadium. The trophy led to the creation of a long crowd made up by all the supporters who wanted to see the Kubok and to take a photo with it.

Furthermore, the society also didn't forget the younger fans. During the break, Ilya Abaev was in the family sector to communicate with them. The children were fascinated by our great goalkeeper, watching him enthusiastically. Ilya made autographs, took photos and talked to whoever was interested.  

The game started slowly. Both teams seemed to have left all the emotions in Astrakhan, so the rhythm wasn't so high. 

However, after 22 mins Kuban' took the lead - Guilherme tried to put off a ball, which instead hit Baldè and entered into the goal. Lokomotiv answered with Kasaev, but his shot flied over the post. 

The next chance was again for Loko: Tarasov made a beautiful assist for Miranchuk, who missed a big opportunity 1-on-1 against Belenov. A few minutes later, Samedov scored in offside and so the referee had to cancel the goal.

In the second half, the guests tried to control the vantage. 'Railroaders' also finished the match in 10 men because Niasse was sent off after an argument with Sunjic, who was hit by the Senegalese striker.

However, Lokomotiv was able to score without him. Fernandes, who replaced Shishkin, made a stunning shot that beat Belenov.

At the end of the game, the whole team thanked with the fans for the support during the season, showing a banner that said: "The Cup is yours". Fans answered with the usual chants "This is our Cherkizovo" and "Thanks, guys!".

Russian Premier League. Week 29
"Lokomotiv" - "Kuban" - 1:1 (0:1) 
 Baldè, 22 (0:1). Fernandes, 87 (1:1)
"Lokomotiv":  Guilherme, Denisov, Pejčinović, Corluka, Logashov, Shishkin (Fernandes, 58), Tarasov (Barinov, 83), Kasaev, Samedov (Maicon, 74), Al. Miranchuk, Niasse
"Kuban": Belenov, Bugaev, Xandao, Sunjic, Sosnin, Kulik, Kaborè (Rabiu, 68), Manolev, Melgarejo (Ignatjev, 83), Tlisov (Popov, 59), Baldè
Yellow cards: Kulik, 5. Fernandes, 71. Sunjic, 81
Red card: Niasse, 81
Referee: Kirill Levnikov (Saint Petersburg)
25 May. Moscow. Lokomotiv Stadium.

domenica 24 maggio 2015

Preview Lokomotiv - Kuban'.

Локомотив Кубань
Локомотив // КУБАНЬ
Monday, May 25th 2015
(Lokomotiv Stadium, Moscow)
17.30 Lokomotiv Moscow Kuban' Krasnodar
Referee: Kirill Levnikov (Saint Petersburg).
Assistants: Vyacheslav Semyonov (Gatchina) and Dmitrij Zhvakin (Saint Petersburg).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Delegate: Boris Pronin (Moscow).
Inspector: Sergey Frantsuzov (Moscow).

Lokomotiv - Kuban' 3-0: 15' Khokhlov, 42' Sychev, 45' Loskov. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 2-1: 15' Ricardo Lago, 62' Ricardo Lago; 67' Khokhlov. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - 
Kuban' 2-3: 25' Sychev (pen.), 76' Dramane Traore; 39' Petkov, 66' Ushenin, 79' Ushenin. 2009
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-0: 90' Dramani. 
Lokomotiv - 
Kuban' 4-1: 69' Sychev, 71' Odemwingie, 73' Cocis, 87' Wagner; 62' Tlisov.
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 2-1: 6' Maicon, 62' Ibricic; 83' Lacina Traore. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-1: 36' Caicedo.
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-1: 74' Pizzelli; 62' Pavlyuchenko. 
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 0-1: 71' Bucur. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 0-0
Lokomotiv - Kuban' 1-0: 49' Tarasov. 
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 1-3: 5' Maicon, 14' Corluka, 31' Boussoufa, 90' Cissè.
Kuban' - Lokomotiv 2-1: 26' Melgarejo, 40' Sunjic; 76' Fernandes (pen.).

AbsentsDurica (injured), Shishkin (disqualified), Sheshukov (injured).
In doubt: Abaev (injured), Belyaev (injured), Corluka (injured)Tigorev (injured), Pavlyuchenko (injured).

Lokomotiv: 7.
Kuban' Krasnodar: 10.

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-NTV Nash Futbol. Commentators: Roman Guttsayt.


The amazing victory against Kuban' in the final of Russian Cup will be remembered for years and years, with the fans that have waited these moments since 2007. The Kubok has already arrived in Bakovka, where was welcomed by an open training with a lot of journalists. The atmosphere was warm and both players and staff made some nice photos to share with fans. In particular, captain Guilherme said: "I played as it was the last match in Lokomotiv. I've waited this trophy for eight years. I wasn't able to sleep, I had a lot of adrenaline. We won the Cup and reached the group stage in Europa League. Lokomotiv is a big club that merits to play regularly in European competitions."

Tomorrow, the Kubok also will be present at Cherkizovo for the revenge against Kuban'. Kuchuk's team shouldn't ask anymore to this RPL. Lokomotiv, instead, wants to overcome Spartak, which was defeated by Ufa yesterday (1:2). 

Compared to the match in Astrakhan, Kuban' should change its starting line up. Manolev, Kulik, Khubulov and Baldè could replace Bugaev, Rabiu, Tkachyov and Almeida. 

Cherevchenko, at the same time, also should make a few substitutions. Yanbaev and Skuletic haven't recently played very much, while Mykhalyk could replace Fernandes, who wasn't very convincing. About the tomorrow's game, Guilherme said: "Our season wasn't so lucky. We have to win for our fans. It would be great to win both with Kuban' and Zenit."

Abaev, Corluka and Pavlyuchenko haven't trained in the main group after the victory in Astrakhan, so their presence is in doubt. Probably, the Tajik coach shouldn't risk and could let some players to play more. 

Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Yanbaev -  Corluka - Pejcinovic - Denisov
Mykhalyk - Tarasov
Samedov - Boussoufa - Kasaev
Kuban' Krasnodar (4-2-3-1)
Manolev - Sunjic - Armas - Sosnin 
Kulik - Kaboré
Ignatjev - Popov - Khubulov 

giovedì 21 maggio 2015

Igor Cherevchenko: "Thanks guys - this is their merit".

Cherevchenko: Grazie ragazzi - è il loro merito

Igor Cherevchenko in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Kuban' (3:1), expressing his feelings as winner.

- The preparation for the final of Russian Cup was tough. After the first time, the team gathered and was able to get a victory. Thanks guys - this is their merit. We have played each game of Cup in extra times since the 1/4 against Ufa. Today, we hadn't to arrive to the penalties. What did I say during the break? It's a secret. If I tell it, everyone starts winning.  
I dedicate the victory to my father, who passed away in this year. He made me both as man and player," said Cherevchenko to TV canal Russia-2.

The Cup is ours! Lokomotiv - Kuban' 3:1.

Cup - la nostra!

Lokomotiv defeated Kuban' in the final of Russian Cup, winning for the sixth time in its history this trophy. 

It's useless to say that the game was very important for both sides. Kuban' hasn't won Russian Cup in its history yet, while Lokomotiv won Kubok for the last time in 2007.

In the game-day, Astrakhan became a sort of capital of football. The weather was perfect as the pitch at the Central Stadium. Fans arrived with green shirts, waving flags and scarfs. 

The first goal was scored by the guests: Denisov missed a stop and Ignatjev beat Guilherme - 0:1.

Lokomotiv immediately tried to react and to create chances. However, Kuban' defenders contained well the attacks of Kasaev, Denisov and Fernandes

In the second half, Pavlyuchenko was replaced by Niasse, who a few minutes later scored the 1:1!

In the next minutes, Lokomotiv could have scored again, but Samedov wasn't accurate. 

During the extra times, there was a real battle on the pitch, with Kuban' that tried to take advantage from counterattacks. 

However, Lokomotiv was able to score in the first extra time: Kasaev made a cross and an head of Boussoufa beat Belenov - 2:1!

In the last minutes, 'Railroaders' controlled the game and scored also the third one with an amazing action of Miranchuk - 3:1.

We are the champions! This has been our final! This is our Cup.

Russian Cup. Final
"Lokomotiv" - "Kuban" - 3:  (0:1, 1:0, 1:0, 1:0) 
Goals: Ignatjev, 28 (1:0). Niasse, 72 (1:1). Boussoufa, 104 (2:1), Miranchuk, 110 (3:1).
 "Lokomotiv": Guilherme, Denisov, Pejčinović, Corluka, Logashov, Shishkin, Fernandes (Miranchuk 71), Kasaev (Maicon, 106), Samedov, Boussoufa, Pavlyuchenko (Niasse, 64) 
"Kuban": Belenov, Armas, Rabiu, Kaborè, Sunjic, Almeida (Baldè, 69), Sosnin, Ignatjev (Kulik, 105), Bugaev, Popov, Tkachyov (Bucur, 78) 
Yellow cards: Rabiu, 33. Pejcinovic, 45. Samedov, 83. Boussoufa, 87. Corluka, 89. Ignatjev, 103 
Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (Saint Petersburg) 
21 May. Astrakhan. Central Stadium.

mercoledì 20 maggio 2015

Preview Lokomotiv - Kuban'.

Локомотив Кубань 
Локомотив // КУБАНЬ
Thursday, May 21st 2015
(Tsentralnyi Stadium, Astrakhan)
18.00 Lokomotiv Moscow - Kuban' Krasnodar 
Referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (Saint Petersburg).
Assistants: Nikolaj Golubev (Saint Petersburg) and Andrey Veretyoshkin (Saint Petersburg).
Sub assistants: ? (?) and ? (?).
Fourth official: Sergey Lapochkin (Saint Petersburg).
Inspector: Stanislav Sukhina (Malakhovka).

No precedents in Kubok Rossii.

AbsentsDurica (injured), Sheshukov (injured), Tarasov (disqualified).
In doubt: Abaev (injured), Belyaev (injured), Tigorev (injured).

Lokomotiv: 7 (in RPL).
Kuban': 10 (in RPL).

Streaming (available half an hour before the start of the match):

-Russia 2. Commentators: Roman Trushechkin.


The final of Russian Cup is probably one of most important matches in the last decade for Lokomotiv, comparable only with the "gold game" against CSKA last season or the 1/16 in Europa League against Spanish side Athletic Bilbao. 'Railroaders' could write the history, but certainly Kuban' will be a tough opponent. 

While Lokomotiv born in 1999 won the National Championship against Rubin (2:0) yesterday, red-greens arrived in Astrakhan and had the first training today. Tsentralnyi Stadium is in perfect conditions, therefore are waited about 16.000/17.000 spectators. Here some quotes about the the tomorrow's match:

Guilherme: "I arrived here in 2007. A few earlier, Lokomotiv won the Russian Cup and I remember that players were happy and enthusiastic. This is a big thing to feel, there are ambitious objectives. Since then, we have been always close to the victories, now we must win something."

Pejcinovic: "Honestly speaking, the game in Orenburg was really tough. However, we're a team with character, elsewhere we wouldn't have reached the final of Russian Cup. I don't want that the final will be decided after penalties. We'll fight until the end to score the goal of victory and to remember it for ever."

Samedov: "On May 27th 2007 we won the Cup and it was an incredible sensation. There were an hot weather and over 50.000 spectators on the stands. Eight years are gone, now I believe we can have another success."

Aleksey Miranchuk: "This is the most important game of my career. During the season we made the fans angry, now we want to be forgiven. I also think that RPL and the Cup are two different tournaments: mistakes made in one shouldn't influence results of other one."

Russian legendary coach Yurij Syomin said: "The team has been trained by three former players for the first time. As players, they had already won some trophies. Now, they've a good chance to bring another one in Lokomotiv's palmares. We must support them, and players on the pitch and fans. I want fans to fill up the Stadium and to organize an excellent support. We need to bring the Cup in Bakovka and to continue the glorious history of the club."

Capello will attend the match, so the game will be surely interesting. Cherevchenko can't rely to Tarasov, who will be disqualified. The Russian coach should confirm the same starting line up that defeated Rubin. The only two doubts could be the choices between Yanbaev or Logashov and Niasse or Pavlyuchenko. Probably, Cherevchenko will decide the formation only after the training this evening. It's curious to notice that he has already won the Kubok as player for four times (1996, 1997, 2000, 2001) like his assistants Pashinin (1997, 2000, 2001) and Oganesyan (1996). This could be a crucial point for the fates of the final.

By contrast, Kuban' is trained by another notable coach that made the history at Cherkizovo: Leonid Kuchuk. Therefore, it would be also a challenge within a challenge between him and red-greens players. 

In the last match in RPL, Kuban' was defeated by Amkar at Zvezda Stadium (Prudnikov). Xandao had to leave the pitch after 34 mins due an injury: his presence in Astrakhan is in doubt and could be replaced my Moldovan Armas. Furthermore, it also will be interesting to discover how Ignatjev and Tkachyov are going to behavior. Both are former Lokomotiv players and probably they want to take a sort of revenge. The third former player, Eshchenko, instead will miss the match after he had a car accident.

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Lokomotiv (4-2-3-1)
Yanbaev - Corluka - Pejcinovic - Denisov
Samedov - Fernandes - Boussoufa - Kasaev
Kuban' (4-2-3-1)
Manolev - Armas - Sunjic - Sosnin 
Kulik - Kaborè 
Tkachyov  - Popov - Ignatjev

domenica 17 maggio 2015

Igor Cherevchenko: "It was a deserved victory".

Cherevchenko: E 'una vittoria meritata

Igor Cherevchenko in the post-game press-conference spoke about the game against Rubin (3:0), giving his impressions and congratulating with the team.

- It was a deserved victory. Thanks to the guys for their dedication, they understood the words of the coaching staff. I want to say that we have a lot of specialists that know about football and medicine. It was unpleasant to read some journalists writing Lokomotiv had already finished its season. This 3:0 was a good proof. 

- Compared to the game against CSKA, you made some changes. Are them your view of the team? Will be released the same players in the final of Russian Cup?
- This was my view for the game against Rubin. Regarding the Cup, we'll think separately.

Lokomotiv - Rubin 3:0.

Vittoria sul "Ruby"

Lokomotiv defeated Rubin in the week 28 of Russian Premier League, winning the first game under Cherevchenko

Fans that came to Cherkizovo weren't afraid both from the rain and to miss the 1/2 of Hockey World Cup between Russia and USA. As required, players and Cherevchenko tried to forget all the past disappointment of the team. 

Rubin wanted to take a revenge from the elimination in Russian Cup and also to continue fighting for an European spot. Therefore, 'Railroaders' had to face a very motivated squad. 

The weather immediately influenced the match. In particular, former Loko midfielder Magomed Ozdoev was very unlucky when he scored an own goal on Boussoufa's cross - 1:0. In the second half, instead, Pavlyuchenko received a good assist from the Moroccan midfielder, dribbled Kverkveliya and beat Ryzhikov - 2:0!

After the second goal, Lokomotiv tried to defend the result. In particular, Rubin's attacks weren't dangerous. Only Ozdoev had a few chances, but the Ingush midfielder wasn't accurate. 

In the last minutes Aleksander Samedov scored the penalty earned by Niasse that fixed the final score. Beforehand, there was a key moment - Dmitrij Barinov made his debut in the first team replacing Boussoufa. 

Lokomotiv won its first game after changing the coach. The next step is the final of Russian Cup.

Russian Premier League. Week 28
"Lokomotiv" - "Rubin" - 3:0 (1:0) 
Goals: Ozdoev, 39 (own goal) (1:0). Pavlyuchenko, 55 (2:0). Samedov, 93 (pen.) (3:0)
"Lokomotiv": Guilherme, Denisov, Pejčinović, Corluka, Logashov, Shishkin, Kasaev, Samedov, Fernandes (Mykhalyk, 87), Boussoufa (Barinov, 90), Pavlyuchenko (Niasse, 66) 
"Rubin": Ryzhikov, Kuzmin, Kverkveliya, Navas, Nabiullin, Kislyak (Kambolov, 65) Ozdoev, Kanunnikov (Akhmetov, 77), Georgiev, Carlos Eduardo, Portnyagin (Livaja, 68)
Yellow cards: Georgiev, 16. Boussoufa, 37. Kuzmin, 59. Navas, 65. Shishkin, 83 
Referee: Sergey Ivanov (Rostov-on-Don) 
16 May. Moscow. Lokomotiv Stadium.